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$$$ Hidden in Plain Sight

$$$ Hidden in Plain Sight

Most treasure chests are protected by a mystical riddle and a poorly drawn map. The U.S. Government gets straight to the point with Form 990, where nonprofits must show where the money goes.

I don't enjoy tax forms, but the Form 990 has me completely mesmerized. This form:

  • is required for all nonprofits
  • is publicly available
  • has compensation information of directors, trustees, and highly compensated employees

If you're a reader of this blog, you know I like following the money. I found some treasure and want to share it with you. Read on!

Hidden in Plain Sight

Physicians are busy, as are residents. Most people I've chatted to associated with the University of Miami haven't heard of this gold mine of information. UMiami's annual Form 990 provides data supporting the discrimination lawsuit between Dr. Velazquez and UMiami.

But... no one (including me!) wants to look at a government form. So instead, I decided to build a tool that visualizes the salary data in Form 990.

Let me show you how this tool helped me better understand the Dr. Velazquez docket.

First Mention

A direct comparison between Dr. Velazquez and her "same role" predecessor, Dr. Livingstone. From the docket:

Here's Dr. Livingstone's compensation.

I think this means Dr. Velazquez made under a million as a superstar at UMiami. Wild!

Another One

The docket also mentions that male chairs of smaller surgical departments made more than Dr. Velazquez did.

Here's Dr. Parekh:

Dr. Velazquez and Dr. Parekh clearly have different outcomes during their time at University of Miami. Dr. Velazquez is jobless and suing for discrimination; Dr. Parekh's compensation goes up and to the right.

Explore on!

This tool is free and is aptly named the White Coat Salary Nonprofit Explorer.

I will continue adding more data and nonprofits in the next few weeks. If there's a nonprofit you'd like to add, email me your request at chris@whitecoatsalary.com and I'll add it!

I think it's an unfortunate failure that Dr. Velazquez and her lawyers had to resort to Form 990 to get the data they needed. If she had known how much she was worth (and UMiami knew it), I wonder if her compensation trajectory would have been different...

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