Goucher College

Present in Most Recent Filing

Name Position Total Comp
WILLIAM LEIMBACH VP for Information Technology and Planning $173,110 View More

Previous Officers, Directors, Key Employees

Name Position Total Comp
KENT DEVEREAUX President $450,202 View More
JOSE' ANTONIO BOWEN Former President $367,379 View More
TRISHANA BOWDEN Vice President for Advancement $306,448 View More
MICHELE Y EWING VP for Advancement $272,429 View More
ELAINE MEYER-LEE Provost $261,246 View More
SANFORD J UNGAR Past President effective 7/1/2014 $238,620 View More
JONATHAN LINDSAY VP for Enrollment Management $233,146 View More
LYNNE LOCHTE Vice President for Finance and Administration $218,068 View More
ALI BAKHSHAI Retired Professor $216,836 View More
TAMMI JACKSON VP for Finance through 9/30/2016 $207,663 View More
BRYAN COKER Vice President and Dean of Students $199,959 View More
ERIK THOMPSON VP for Campus Operations $197,415 View More
AARIKA CAMP Vice President of Student Affairs $187,293 View More
GAIL HUSCH Professor $185,874 View More
BARBARA STOB General Counsel $183,374 View More
SHIRLEY PEROUTKA Retired Professor $182,331 View More
SCOTT SIBLEY Acting Provost $180,989 View More
LESLIE LEWIS Provost $173,596 View More
ERIC SINGER Director of International Studies $166,376 View More
MARGARET-ANN RADFORD-WEDEMEYER Retired Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs $166,037 View More
DEBORAH LUPTON Vice President for Human Resources $165,683 View More
MARTIN SWEIDEL Former Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives $163,385 View More
GEORGE DELAHUNTY Professor $160,401 View More
DAVID GROSSMAN Associate Professor $158,035 View More
ROBERT SLOCUM Professor $152,996 View More
TERENCE MCCANN AVP of Facilities Managment Services $135,704 View More